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7. IBM Business Automation Open Edition 9.0 labs at IBM TechXchange 2024

Welcome to the Session 1717, at IBM TechXchange 2024.

In this session you'll have a hands-on experience with cloud-native decision automation using IBM Business Automation Open Edition 9.0. As part of our learning journey, we'll explore many capabilities of IBAMOE, along with having a better understanding of its architecture, how its components work together and ultimately, allows to create cloud-native decision services that can be deployed on cloud platforms such as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP).

To create our decision models, we'll use a new tool made available in 9.0, IBM Business Automation Manager Canvas, and we'll combine it with the developer joy brought by Quarkus, and how we can quickly deploy our automation solutions to a cloud environment.

We will focus predominantly on the IBAMOE 9.0 release, exploring how to automate a decision using Open Standards such as DMN, and running it with a Kogito-based Decision Service.


If you want to go a step further, you'll also have available to you, labs focused on the 8.0.3 version of Open Editions, specially, on the Process Automation capabilities. Aligned with the evolution of the technology landscape and the future of this solution, the process automation capabilities are currently shifting towards a cloud-native architecture as we'll learn today. We hope to see you around in TechXchange 2024, to experience together all the exciting innovation we're building for this IBM's open source business automation solution!

Now, let's get started!

7.1 Create your first Decision Service using IBM Decision Manager Open Edition

Intro to DMN Explore DMN Deeper Dive into DMN

7.1.1 Go one step further (Optional) Explore process automation with IBM Business Automation Open Edition 8.0

Getting started with Process Event-driven processes More Exercises

First Kogito Project Setup from Scratch

Implement a On-push CI/CD

Last update: 2023-12-21