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31. Introduction

This is a series of guided exercises that will allow you to experiment the authoring tools in VSCode and deployment in IBAMOE engine, KIE Server.

31.1 Tooling Set

In Red Hat PAM and DM you can author decisions using:

There is also a set of community tooling that's also available for use. All the tools below are backed by IBM and Red Hat:

  • DMN FEEL Handbook
  • A handbook for the FEEL expression language from the DMN specification, as implemented by the Drools DMN open source engine.
  • Learn DMN in 15 minutes
  • A guided tour in a website through the elements of DMN
  • GitHub Chrome Extension
  • A browser extension that allows you to visualize and edit BPMN, DMN and Test Scenario files directly in GitHub.
  • Online Editors
  • - A free online editor for business processes;
  • - A free online editor for decision models;
  • - A free online editor for scorecards;
  • Business Modeler Hub
  • Allows for the download of the: VSCode extension, GitHub Chrome Extension, and Desktop App

Last update: 2023-02-03