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IBM Business Automation Open Edition 9.0 Enablement

Labs at IBM TechXChange 2023

Guided exercises for TechXchange Session 1717

Your Journey Begins Here

Get the tools First Kogito Project Setup

IBM Business Automation Open Edition 9.0 Decision Manager Exercises

Learn DMN

Implement a On-push CI/CD

IBM Business Automation Open Edition 8.0 Process Automation Exercises

Getting started with Proces Event-driven processes

More topics

Extra Learning IBAMOE on OpenShift

About the guides

Getting Started with IBAMOE: Order Management

A great guide for users who are trying IBAMOE for the first time. Recommended getting started guide.

Learn DMN

In this hands-on workshop, users can learn about the DMN specification, author decisions, and deploy it using IBM Decision Manager with basic, intermediate and advanced exercises.

Event-driven processes

This hands-on workshop allows the user to validate the experience of creating loan approval workflow with decision automation. The user will also have an introduction to Fuse, develop an endpoint and consume it using the workflow.

Learn the tools

In this hands-on workshop, create new decision services using Kogito tooling and the VSCode extension , create unit tests and deploy them on KIE Server.

Learn how to deploy IBAMOE on OpenShift using Operators

Try out the business automation operator and learn how to manage your KIE Apps on OpenShift.

Check the Learn more section for more guides and references about business automation with the projects under the KIE umbrella.

Last update: 2024-03-25